Donnie Edward Johnson to be executed May 16, 2019

Donnie Edward Johnson is scheduled to be executed on May 16th 2019 for the 1984 murder of his wife.

In 1984 Johnson stuffed large plastic bag in the mouth of his wife Connie at the camping store where they both worked. Johnson no longer contests his guilt.

He moved her body along with Ronnie McCoy to Connie’s van that was in the mall parking lot.

December 9th he filed a missing person report at 10 a.m. Just after noon, Johnson’s boss found the van in the parking lot with her body in it.

December 11th he was arrested.

On December 13th a blood-stained handkerchief and a set of keys behind the seat of his truck linked him to the crime.

While in prison he became an elder at Riverside Chapel 7th Day Adventist Church and preached to fellow inmates over his radio station in the prison.

In 2006 his stepdaughter initially stated “I want that freak to burn”, after his stay of execution Johnson started to contact her and in 2012 she visited him.

During the visit she told him “I forgive you”, now she wants to meet with Governor Lee to make a case of mercy for Johnson.

His legal team in a direct appeal to the Governor said it warranted “an execution of his constitutional powers that Johnson’s was an extraordinary case, were mercy, forgiveness, redemption and the miracle of rebirth in Christ all came together.”

 Johnson States “I accept whatever the Lord allows to happen, even my death. If my work is done I am content.

He’s estranged from his son Jason.